A Christmassy drabble

February 13, 2010

Stefan stalked the overheated, overcrowded, department store. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” played on loop over tinny speakers, and a palpable sense of desperation hung in the air.

Furtively glancing about Stefan stepped behind a toy display and began to stuff dolls and Transformers inside his coat. Certain that he could carry no more he turned to see a store detective approaching. Stefan scampered in the opposite direction.

Outside he located the side street in which the sleigh was parked. He climbed in, breathing heavily, and turned to the fat man behind the wheel.

“Nick, I don’t know why we bother.”

[First posted Thu Dec 17, 2009]



February 13, 2010

Chad rolled the knarled pumpkin into the middle of the barn. Using the biggest carving knife that he could find in his aunt’s kitchen he began to saw into the top of the gourd.

Reaching inside he pulled out handful after handful of seeds and bright orange pulp, which he dumped on the floor. Then with the stolen knife Chad began to carve the face.

Finally in the darkening barn he placed a flickering candle inside the head. Suddenly a malevolent face leared back at him. Above the torn gash of a mouth the pumpkin’s cruel eyes regarded Chad.


[First posted Sat Oct 31, 2009]