The Nasty Man

June 23, 2010

Would you do something for me?

Picture in your mind the last time that you saw your family. Was it dropping the kids off at school, or perhaps saying goodbye to your girlfriend as she left for work?

Now think carefully. In the background do you see a tall thin man wearing a black hat; maybe standing in the street or staring through the window? No? In your mind’s eye take a look over your shoulder.

Do you see him now, looking back at you? If you do you ought to hurry home, because that is me… the nasty man.


Missing things

February 21, 2010

Things had been going missing for a while now. Not big things; little things like Stephen’s belt, or his pills, or the bloody keys to the garage. Nobody else would want these things. They had no real value. Where the hell did they go? It was infuriating and it drove him wild.

But one Monday morning when rushing to get ready for work, Stephen finally discovered the culprit. In the mirror, out of the corner of his eye, he saw himself casually drop the remote control down behind the radiator.

The fucking bastard.

In the mirror Stephen winked at himself.

Road Trip

February 13, 2010

The bastards were late. In the valley below us the black helicopter thudded through the early morning mist towards the camp that we had abandoned hours earlier. I clenched the steering wheel, whilst in the back seat behind me the old man raved.

“The Man cannot abide to hear the true word of the Lord as preached by the faithful! Well hear me, the righteous will never be silenced,” he screamed shaking a palsied fist at his persecutors.

I shrugged and started the engine.

“That’s right Dad,” I said, putting the minivan into gear and setting off towards the interstate.

[First posted Tue Nov 24, 2009]

The Sniper

February 13, 2010

Gary Pratt lived with the irrational fear that he was being hunted by a sniper. Whenever he walked to or from work at the videostore he crouched and scanned the surrounding rooftops for an imaginary marksman intent on blowing his brains out.

A psychiatrist may have diagnosed Gary’s paranoia as acute agoraphobia combined with delusions of self-importance. However, this was a silent fear which Gary did not express to his family or colleagues.

So profound was Gary’s obsession, and intense was his skyward vigil, that he was oblivious to the stealthy approach of three ninja, trained assassins of the Shogun.

[First posted Sat Jun 20, 2009]

Panopticon versus the conspiracy

February 13, 2010

Deep under Whitehall, ever vigilant, the AI is alert to every potential threat to the nation.

The populace are under constant scrutiny as the great mind listens to a thousand phone conversations, reads a million emails and watches through inumerable CCTV cameras.

The multitude are tabulated and cross-referenced; their every behaviour filtered, correlated and simulated. Suspicions are analysed, prioritised and escalated. Above ground the masters are content that protection is complete.

Deep in the woods the greatest threat to Britian remains unobserved and undetected. The source of true terror; at the root of the corruption lies the conspiracy of squirrels.

[First posted Mon Apr 13, 2009]