February 13, 2010

“Have you tidied the garden yet?” Mom yells. I head out to the backyard knowing my allowance depends on it.

The yard is a dirt patch full of weeds. Big ones with hairy leaves. I grab the first plant I see and pull as hard as I can. I end up on my butt holding this freaky root shaped like a wrinkly little man.

The root-man opens its mouth and screams so loud I think my eardrums gonna burst. I throw it across the yard, but it keeps screaming so I go over and stomp it.

I’m gonna enjoy this.

[First posted Thu Nov 19, 2009]


Bone Soup

February 13, 2010

The old shin bone hopped down the path and rapped on the farmhouse door. When the farmer’s wife opened the door and found the bone lying on the doorstep she took it inside. She chopped the bone into a dozen pieces and cooked it with beef stock and a bay leaf.

That evening when the farmer came home he had bone soup. Using his knife he scooped out the marrow. He then drank every drop. The soup was delicious, but he was in trouble. Lying in bed that night his right leg began to twitch. He then felt excruciating pain…

[First posted Sun Oct 18, 2009]