The Nasty Man

June 23, 2010

Would you do something for me?

Picture in your mind the last time that you saw your family. Was it dropping the kids off at school, or perhaps saying goodbye to your girlfriend as she left for work?

Now think carefully. In the background do you see a tall thin man wearing a black hat; maybe standing in the street or staring through the window? No? In your mind’s eye take a look over your shoulder.

Do you see him now, looking back at you? If you do you ought to hurry home, because that is me… the nasty man.


The Final

June 12, 2010

Soccer City shook to the deafening blast of 100,000 vuvuzelas celebrating the most unexpected of finals. Grey-suited dignitaries mumbled grandiose rhetoric about sport’s unique power for reconciliation. The teams stood for the anthems of the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Of course, as is the nature of such things, the match was a cagey and defensive affair. Deadlock was broken in the 86th minute when Park Ji-Sung was brought down in the North Korean penalty area. The captain took responsibility and hammered the ball into the net.

Minutes later Taepodong soared into the upper atmosphere.


June 7, 2010

Bobby ran down the hillside almost tripping in the long grass. With a whoop he hurled his flying machine into the air.

The little clockwork dragonfly took flight, erratically at first. Buffeted by the wind it dropped before righting itself and darting upwards; its wings an iridescent blur of blue and gold in the sunlight.

As Bobby cheered a shadow fell across the meadow. Swooping out of the sun the bat, a vile contraption of oil-cloth and barbed wire, snatched up the dragonfly in its claws and carried it away.

Even though he was almost ten, Bobby began to cry.